• Two shows in Washington!

    Two shows in Washington!

    Okay I am quite very late for this one since one has been taken down already (Northwind art center http://northwindarts.org/archives/past-exhibits/050417-smgwawona/) but the Seattle Metals Guild Biennial is still going on!! (till the end of the month...!) in Washington Convention Center (https://www.seattlemetalsguild.org/programs/biennial-exhibition/).

  • Unusual Underpants--A jewelry project

    Unusual Underpants--A jewelry project

    Project Funded.

    The Kickstarter is still live, so go pledge and join the team! Don't forget, if you pledge 20 dollars or more, you will be a part of the "funders team" and have 5% towards all online orders forever! (terms and conditions apply)



  • Seattle Metals Guild Show at KOBO (at Higo)

    Seattle Metals Guild Show at KOBO (at Higo)

    Here comes my first opening at Seattle, WA since I moved here in June. I'm so honored to be included in this amazing show with all the other amazing artists in Seattle along side with some of my favorites. <3


    Exhibition Opening: Sat 10/1 2-6pm
    SMG Symposium Reception: Sun 10/16 2-5pm
    Gallery Talk by Jennifer Navva Millken,
    Curator of Carft, Bellvue Arts Museum: Sun 10/16 3pm

  • Upcoming Show in Baltimore Jewelry Center

    Upcoming Show in Baltimore Jewelry Center

    I was honored to be included into this fun show! If you are in the baltimore area, don't forget to be there and check all the works out: Opening reception is on June 10th, 6-9PM.

    Well I won't be there because I will be on my flight to Wyoming to enjoy Yellowstone National Park... To see the flowers and animals there. <3


  • Press for research-- I am on the HOME PAGE!!!

    Press for research-- I am on the HOME PAGE!!!

    Holly, Molly I am on the Home page of VCU for my research project: Revivng Project. www.revivingproject.com

    And here is a link t the article:

    I am so so excited for this and THANK YOU for everyone who has been a part of this: Artists, Mentors, Graphic Designers, Photographers and Family... I love you all and I am just so so proud to make it to the home page on my last month in VCU...

    Love, Cassie

  • Maine


    A cabin alone, read alone, hike alone... I was lucky to find a space near Camden, Maine to be with myself. Travel happens, be mindful about my works, my images, but not disturbed by the surrounding art word, rather by mother nature.

    Graduating so soon in May. Where is next?

  • Going to Beijing, China and Qinghai China on grants!

    Culture exchange show: Pan Xiu, the first Reviving project.

  • Back to America. VCU continues...

  • Greece is beautiful.

    Nov 2014, Athens and Santorini

  • ECU Italy Intensives

    ECU Italy Intensives

    Fall 2014, Certaldo, Italy

  • France! Spt. 4-14

    Going to a little trip before school start in Italy! Exciting!

    For more info: https://www.facebook.com/yushancassiesun

    Will try to update about the follow ups!!