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Grrr (Necklace commissioned by Nia)
Grrr (Necklace commissioned by Nia)
Copper, Sterling Silver, Pink Qualtz
July 2014

It is made as a gift for this awesome lady as my instructor of art, dance and life.

"So this is how amazing my life is. I put out a (mostly) joking call on fb for people to make baby Grrr art. This is the latest piece. A quartz bead and a copper base. The long base cone represents me. The quartz bead is grrr. Wearing the necklace creates a compressive load in which the copper cone encapsulates or "hugs" the quartz by using weight and gravity to keep them together. The artist (my student) says its about our relationship; me and grrr and how I protect her and hug and encapsulate her. It was made with scrap material. I love it."-----Nia